The Players of Europa

Playing Catch Up

Lets play some catch up, shall we!

When last I updated this post, the party was on their way to meet the mysterious Vincenzo, a resident of Salerno, who seemed to have some sort of business opportunity. We shall continue from there!

The Smugglers’ Cache

Vincenzo, a elderly Dragonborn who works as a scribe for the Duke of Salerno, acquired knowledge of the location of a cache hidden near the city. After some tense negotiations, the party agreed to retrieve the hidden goods in exchange for a finder’s fee, a cart and an elderly Cart Lizard.

The party, absent the cleric Bastian who was gathering info from a troop of halflings, followed the beach, located the cache and, despite the wizard’s best attempts, succeeded in liberating the trade goods and an additional Lizard to pull the cart even faster!

They returned to Salerno, recieved their finder’s fee and spent the rest of the evening relaxing in town.

A Halfling in Peril

The next day the party did a bit more shopping as they waited for their Halfing healer to return. After several hours, worry began to creep into their hearts. An investigation revealed that their comrade had been forcibly abducted by the traveling merchants!

Setting off in pursuit the party eventually caught up to the Halflings, only to find themselves in the middle of a heated battle between the caravan and a large band of Kobolds. Combat ensued, Bastian freed himself from bonds both material and matrimonial and in the end the kobolds were conquered, the Halflings cowed and the party set off once more, restored to its normal size.



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