An illiterate and not particularly successful dragonborn bandit.


Written in the Year of our Goddess 576, by Makil al’Harun.

Little is known of the dragonborn Jacamo, called The Herald, before his self-described calling to the light of our Goddess. It is believed that he lived a wretched existence in the wilds of the land now known as al’Italius and he was apparently drawn into a life of petty crime at an early age. It is clear that Jacamo was involved in at least one incident of serious banditry, as he wrote at length of his conversion on the road to Salerno in the aftermath of a melee. Apparently he had fallen in with an evil gang of thieves who planned to rob a traveling bard; however, the bard’s companions unexpectedly came to his rescue and routed Jacamo’s companions. Jacamo was physically unharmed in the assault, but the overwhelming scorn and disgust of the dragonborn bard and his well-armed companions with his debased state reduced him to an abject penitent. One of the bard’s companions, a deva emissary of the Goddess doubtlessly sent by her express will to reclaim the Emirate of Sicily and expand its noble borders to their present state, laid hands upon Jacamo, opened his eyes to the truth of our Goddess, and commanded him to go forth and spread the word of Her return to Her first chosen.

Jacamo set forth with this command ringing in his ears. His first proclamations were inelegant, but the breath of our Goddess flowed through him as he spoke and many heard his truth. As even the most casual student of history knows, his untiring efforts on behalf of our Goddess resulted in the centuries-long diplomatic efforts that ended with the unification of the dragonborn and tiefling lands and the great Jihad to the north to claim all civilization under Her banner. By the year 500, all traces of human and elven savagery had been eradicated from the land.


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