The Players of Europa

Angels and Dragons

Having made their way through the catacombs the party entered the tomb of Petrus to find the mosaic they had been sent after. A confrontation with a touchy Angel followed, after some ill-advised mage -handing. Having displayed adequate valor the Angel chatted briefly with the party and gave them access to the Pallium of Petrus, that it might, in some way, help them with their Pope Problem. After some shenanigans with a lock box (No you may not go back and try again…) the party took the picture of the Mosaic, gathered up the body of the apprentice and headed back to Rome.

In Rome they handed off the body, scroll and donkey to the delight of Crispus, received a reward and took the night to rest. Nachaev and Conwy scouted the city a bit, Klara drowned her sorrows at the apparent pettiness of the party she had fallen in with, and Bastian and Samael chatted with the In-Keep Deva Chrodegang about the Pallium. They learned that the Pope and the rival Cardinal both held audiences, a chance perhaps to get a better feel for the situation.

Having recovered the party headed back into the Catacombs. Exploring a chamber where several arcanists had been entombed they discovered several trapped books containing rituals as well as a secret stairway leading down.

Downstairs they found the site of an ancient battle, and a sealed temple to Tiamat. They broke the seal and ventured forth.

Having skirted the Chapel of Pelagus they found themselves subjected to a bloody test in the Chapel of Cruoris. After dealing with waves of skeletons, Samael failed to retrieve the Claw of Cruoris from the bonfire for some reason (heh heh heh) and Klara managed to retrieve it and set herself slightly on fire.

Turning back Xavier charged ahead to retrieve the Claw of Cruoris, and found himself trapped in a Whirlpool atop the altar. Having been thoroughly washing-machined he and the party broke the barrier trapping him.

See you next time folks!

Rome: The City!

After a close encounter with a dire boar and a good nights sleep the party made its way through the suburbs of Rome and in to the grand city itself.

Upon arriving at the gates it became clear that Rome is a city divided. The West side of the city, with its main focus on the Vatican itself is controlled by those loyal to the Pope, Gregory. The Eastern side of the city, centered around Maria Maggiore, is under the control of the Bishop Cardinal of Ostia, Azzone. A thin strip running from South to North, centered on the Forum is considered ‘neutral’ territory.

Even with this tense state of affairs Rome bustles with pilgrims, merchants, diplomats, clergy and townsfolk. It is a lively city where a mixture of ancient ruins and active churches.

The party made its way to a tavern near the northern Gate, known as the Platinum Crozier and run by an odd Deva, named Chrodegang, who it turns out is an ‘escaped’ Monk of Pelor from Frankia.

After gathering info the party decided to explore the city rather than follow up directly on the request for a message delivery to either side of the ongoing Italian conflict.

Bastian, Samael and Xaviar made their way to the Pantheon, dedicated to Bahamut and his helper gods. There they made some offerings, Samael explored the abandoned shrine to Noxtentus and nothing much happened of note (though there was world lore aplenty).

Meanwhile, Nachayev and Conwy made their way to the forum where they dabled in the local under-ground scene. After observing for a while, the two initiated contact via a botched interrogation with a local gang of youths. They learned something of the criminal world, a bit about thieve’s cant and markings and didn’t get walloped by a bunch of 8 year olds (horray!).

At the same time Bastian spent some time shopping and making deals, including arranging to drop off a package for a local merchant in Spoleto, on the way to Ravenna.

Having explored the Pantheon, Samael and his dragonborn companion made their way to the Vatican to try and glean some info on the current pope and discover whether or not he is in fact an ‘anti-pope’ and thus a wicked Deva or whether he is the true head of the church and Azone is attempting a power-play.

While at the Vatican they spent some time in the library doing research and also gleaned some gossip, including the interesting tid-bit that Gregory was in fact ‘discovered’ and re-awoken by none other than Azone, a fact which makes their falling out all the more interesting!

They also happened upon a frustrated mosaicist, one Caius Crispus, an elf of some skill, working on a small chapel. In talking with him they agreed to seek out his missing apprentice in the nearby catacombs, and more importantly to obtain an image of a wonderful mosaic deep in the catacombs. The chance to explore and to possibly glean more info on the pope himself (in hopes of further unraveling the intricacies of the current intrigue) brought the party back together and into the nearby suburbs.

Delving in to the Catacombs of Domitilla they discovered the body of the apprentice who was a bit too careless with the trapped tombs. They also ran across some local wildlife, in the form of a group of skeleton guardians. After dispatching these undead pests they prepare to delve further in search of the Image of Petrus and perhaps further treasures?

Further Catch-up

Something’s Rotten in Nola

Having recovered their Halfling companion, the party rolled onwards, arriving mid-day at the town of Nola. A large town on the borders between the principalities of Naples, Capua and Benevento.

The party immediately noticed that something was amiss. The streets were nearly empty, doors shut, stalls closed. Upon arriving at the town square the party found itself accosted by an angry Dragonborn guard captain, by the name of Brutus.

[more to come soon…]

Playing Catch Up

Lets play some catch up, shall we!

When last I updated this post, the party was on their way to meet the mysterious Vincenzo, a resident of Salerno, who seemed to have some sort of business opportunity. We shall continue from there!

The Smugglers’ Cache

Vincenzo, a elderly Dragonborn who works as a scribe for the Duke of Salerno, acquired knowledge of the location of a cache hidden near the city. After some tense negotiations, the party agreed to retrieve the hidden goods in exchange for a finder’s fee, a cart and an elderly Cart Lizard.

The party, absent the cleric Bastian who was gathering info from a troop of halflings, followed the beach, located the cache and, despite the wizard’s best attempts, succeeded in liberating the trade goods and an additional Lizard to pull the cart even faster!

They returned to Salerno, recieved their finder’s fee and spent the rest of the evening relaxing in town.

A Halfling in Peril

The next day the party did a bit more shopping as they waited for their Halfing healer to return. After several hours, worry began to creep into their hearts. An investigation revealed that their comrade had been forcibly abducted by the traveling merchants!

Setting off in pursuit the party eventually caught up to the Halflings, only to find themselves in the middle of a heated battle between the caravan and a large band of Kobolds. Combat ensued, Bastian freed himself from bonds both material and matrimonial and in the end the kobolds were conquered, the Halflings cowed and the party set off once more, restored to its normal size.

Adventure 2

Day 2:
After spending the night outside of the small village the three party members — Samel, Conwy and Bastian — continued on their way. Around mid-day they happened to come across a fellow circus mate, Xavier, the Dragonborn Bard, in dire straits. Aiding him in the defeat of a group of Bandits the party celebrated their meeting and victory and continued on their way.

Along the road they witnessed the passing of a large band of Dragonborn under the command of the Count of Luccana, on their way to investigate the attack on Cosenza.

Day 3:
As the part prepared for another day the decision was made that a cart might be the best an most inconspicuous way for the party to travel. Who knows what carts the future may hold!?

Reaching the small town of Policastro the party displayed their ingenuity and skill as performers. Puppets were crafted, lines written, a stage built and magic cast to tell the dire deeds of the Death of Caesar. In return for this performance the party received room and board for the night and some silver from the crowd.

Day 4:
Onward once more, and having discovered that a band led by their intrepid circus master had passed before them, the party hoped for a reunion or at least a chance at a cart. As they traveled the warm, dusty road a small shrine of Avandra offered a brief respite.

As evening fell and the weather got wetter the party sought shelter in the ruins of an ancient villa. That night they proved to be appetizing but indigestible to a swarm of vermin. Dispatching these rats, dire and giant indeed, the party was able to rest.

Day 5:
Exploring the ruins for signs of treasure or interest Xavier discovered that a heavy dragonborn and ancient floorboards make for a poor combination. Down he went, to find that he was not the first to make that discovery. Down a rope went the party and the corpse of a messenger who had fallen to his rat-aided death revealed a series of messages from one Vincenzo, a scribe in Salerno, with a chance for profit.

Onward the party went towards Salerno. That night the sounds of a large wild beast were heard.

Day 6:
Morning investigations showed signs of a possible narrowly avoided encounter with an Owl-Bear.

By midday the party had arrived at the large city of Salerno, home to the Duke Gisulf I. The guards on duty knew nothing of other circus travelers and so the party set out into the city to gather resources and information.

Who knows what the future holds? Will Vincenzo offer rewards worth the effort? Will the party discover the whereabouts of their fellows? Are there carts to purchase? Only time can tell!

Day 1

The year is 962. On a warm July afternoon you and your fellow circus-folk began to set up for a show in the large town of Cosenza in southern Italia. Your trip down the western coast of Italia has been fairly uneventful and this day didn’t seem any different.

Wagons were unloaded, tents set up. Elephants were fed, equipment checked over and makeup applied. Yet all would not go according to plan on this day. In the distance you began to hear screams and shouting. A large band of Tiefling raiders from Sicily had chosen this day of all days to attack Cosenza!

As Tiefling marauders and the local militia clashed the booming voice of your great ring-master was heard, “Make your way to Ravenna! We will meet there, my friends. Come as you are able!” With these parting words the circus scattered, acrobats going hither and thither, a suddenly free Elephant charging off into the hills and so forth.

As circus members grabbed what gear they could locate, travelling packs, weapons and the like, through coincidence, providence and perhaps a little intention our 5 adventurers ended up striking out together.

After nearly two days of running the party stopped outside of a small unnamed village to catch their breath and gather their bearings. In the distance the smoke and flames from Cosenza could still be seen. As the party prepared to settle for the night a group of peasants from the nearby village approached, torches and pitchforks in hand.

Tense conversation followed. Through diplomacy, some slight fibbing and a bit of trickery the party avoided violence and was allowed to make camp outside of the village.

Night fell and you survived your first adventure…

From Whence We Have Come
aka, the last time we tried to do this

You come across an ancient tome, parchment bound in boards. Upon the cover in gold ink is penned the title: Liber Ridiculi Primi Expeditionis

Dare you look inside and experience the wonders, the mighty triumphs, and the grand failures of those who came before you?


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