Europa is a clone world based upon medieval Europe c. 1000. That being said areas may differ more or less from the reality of the historical period based on GM and Player choices over time.

The major political/geographical areas are as follows:

The Celtic Regions: The various Celtic regions: Alba (Scotland), Breizh (Brittany),Cymry (Wales), Eire (Ireland), and Kernow (Cornwall) have long been the home of the fiercely independent Elves. Unwilling to be ruled by any outsiders: Eladrin, Dragonborn, or Human, they staunchly defend their enclaves. These regions are each independent and fairly loosely governed by regional lords though in times of external threat the inhabitants often band together under elected or hereditary leaders. The Gnomes reside primarily in these areas as well, especially in Eire, largely independent and unseen.

Eastern Europa: A land of many peoples but no real counties, Eastern Europe is inhabited by a mixture of still barbarian humans and fierce Orcish pastoral tribes (similar to the Magyars and Slavs). These Orcish tribes ride their great beasts to raid the more wealthy areas of Western Europa and have been wrecking havoc for the last century or so. No one is sure why they have gradually been migrating towards the West though there is talk of even fiercer hoards of Hobgoblins (or something worse) further to the East responsible for the Orcish Migrations. Half-Orcs are scattered among the Human and Orcish peoples of this region and a few half-orc towns and tribes can also be found here and there.

Eladria: Europa’s England. This island realm resembles the heights of English Arthurian Legend. Knights in shining armor upon mighty steeds, wizards wielding arcane powers, fair maidens and court intrigue abound. Eladria, the home of the Eladrin (High Elves), is a land that intertwines with the feywild, where the borders between the two planes are often tenuous at best.

Frankia: Europa’s France. Kingdom of the humans. Established by barbarian tribes on the bones of the Dragonborn empire in the 5th century. By the 10th century this once powerful kingdom has begun to fracture into counties and duchies where feudal lords vie for power while the kings in Paris attempt to regain their former glory.

Germania: Europa’s Germany. The homeland of the Dwarves whose tribes rule from various mountain strongholds throughout the land. In the low lands and plains human tribes and villages exsist, generally owing allegiance to the Dwarven dukes. Although over the past centuries the dwarves have occasionally lost control of all but the areas directly around their great keeps and cities they have always maintained deep roots running under the whole of the area. Over the last century the Dwarves have emerged unified under a new dynasty, led by Otto the Great and have once more extended their influence above ground and across the length of Germania.

The Islamic World: The nomadic peoples of Arabia, the Tiefling, were a people of mixed descent, human and devil from ages past. Regarded as unimportant and wretched by the great powers of the world in the 7th century they erupted onto the world stage when their Prophet received divine inspiration from Erathis, goddess of Civilization. Within 100 years these people had spread and gained power across a wide swath of the Middle East, North Africa and Spain, replacing the ruins of the Draconic Empire and the various Human Kingdoms with their own grand Tiefling Empire. This Grand Caliphate split in the 9th century with Al-Andalus going one way, North Africa splitting into regional Kingdoms and the Eastern Caliphate locked in Conflict with Byzantium.

Italica: Europa’s Italy. Italica was the heart of the Great Draconic Empire which lasted for nearly 1000 years. It crumbled, however, around the 5th century from a combination of internal rot and external pressure from Humans and dissident races. All that is left is a series of Dragonborn City-States, each vying for political supremacy and perhaps a chance to reestablish their grandeur. In the East, Byzantium still remains as an echo (or perhaps a grand continuation) of the Draconic Empire. Italica is also home to the great city of Romana, where the leader of Bahamut’s church resides.

Nordic Lands: The fierce nomadic tribes of the Goliath populate the cold regions of the North: what we would call Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Over the past 100 years these proud and fearsome warriors have begun to embark on raids and voyages across the coasts of Europe, sailing in their great Dragon Prowed ships to wreak horror on the Human, Eladrin, and Elven inhabitants of various lands and to bring honor and booty home to their own rocky shores. There is also an emerging movement towards more centralization as the greatest of the Raiders and Explorers parlay their fame and spoils into more power at home, bringing tribes together perhaps in preparation for greater expansion.


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