The Players of Europa

Angels and Dragons

Having made their way through the catacombs the party entered the tomb of Petrus to find the mosaic they had been sent after. A confrontation with a touchy Angel followed, after some ill-advised mage -handing. Having displayed adequate valor the Angel chatted briefly with the party and gave them access to the Pallium of Petrus, that it might, in some way, help them with their Pope Problem. After some shenanigans with a lock box (No you may not go back and try again…) the party took the picture of the Mosaic, gathered up the body of the apprentice and headed back to Rome.

In Rome they handed off the body, scroll and donkey to the delight of Crispus, received a reward and took the night to rest. Nachaev and Conwy scouted the city a bit, Klara drowned her sorrows at the apparent pettiness of the party she had fallen in with, and Bastian and Samael chatted with the In-Keep Deva Chrodegang about the Pallium. They learned that the Pope and the rival Cardinal both held audiences, a chance perhaps to get a better feel for the situation.

Having recovered the party headed back into the Catacombs. Exploring a chamber where several arcanists had been entombed they discovered several trapped books containing rituals as well as a secret stairway leading down.

Downstairs they found the site of an ancient battle, and a sealed temple to Tiamat. They broke the seal and ventured forth.

Having skirted the Chapel of Pelagus they found themselves subjected to a bloody test in the Chapel of Cruoris. After dealing with waves of skeletons, Samael failed to retrieve the Claw of Cruoris from the bonfire for some reason (heh heh heh) and Klara managed to retrieve it and set herself slightly on fire.

Turning back Xavier charged ahead to retrieve the Claw of Cruoris, and found himself trapped in a Whirlpool atop the altar. Having been thoroughly washing-machined he and the party broke the barrier trapping him.

See you next time folks!


The Mage hand was a mistake, to be sure, but the little shit only attacked after an ill-advised attempt at maintaining iambic pentameter at the cost of diplomatic clarity.

Angels and Dragons

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