Introspective male deva, monkish and scholarly in his habits


Meet Samel (pronounced “Sam-a-el”, but he’s used to it being mispronounced). The whispers of a thousand lifetimes remind him of the transitory nature of the flesh and the need for personal communion with the hallowed gods of Good. Imposing and distant, a deva who has dedicated this life to the near-obsessive study of the history of his race. Like the rest of his kind, Samel speaks little and shows next to no emotion, seeming aloof from even the most intense of situations. He stands long and lean, colored alternately dark purple and near-white and clad in impeccable silk robes. His constant companion is a small crystal orb, slowly pulsating with soft, yellowed light and floating serenely near his right shoulder. As a deva, his counsel is sought by many who meet him, making him an ideal fortune teller in a traveling circus. He insists that the trick to telling fortunes is only to listen with presence and then reply with intent.

Samel’s studies have led him to leave the scholarly monastery where he has labored over lifetimes and to wander the land in search of new information and legends in order to better understand the devic cycle of reincarnation and the original Astral banishment that led the race to Europa. This quest for knowledge has been a recent development for Samel, and it seems that after lifetimes of quiet contemplation a new, unexplored subject of study has awakened a thirst for knowledge and swiftness of action that the Samel of even one lifetime ago would have looked upon in amused surprise. More practically, his thirst for knowledge has also made him a keen student of the arcane.

Samel is a wizard, a controller who shapes arcane power in order to protect him and his companions from the forces of evil while maintaining the enigmatic smile characteristic to his race.

For the record, the name Samel is one of the suggested deva names in PH2, and I am using it because I am a lazy, lazy man. The phonetic connection to the quasi-Biblical angel of death is Wizards of the Coast’s fault.


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