Immortal spirits who embody virtue, born and reborn to mortal life in the world. Deva are rather rare and have no specific land of their own. They are almost always associated with the Church of Bahamut or in some rare cases Erathis or Pelor, serving as priests, abbots and bishops. Some have also taken the role of secular counselor upon themselves.

Deva were sent by the Gods to provide guidance to the chosen mortal races (first by Bahamut to his Dragonborn scions, and then by other Gods as circumstances dictate).

When a Deva dies, either of old age or of unnatural causes, they are resurrected in a new body somewhere else, often some distance from the site of their death. There is a gap in their memories and one of the sacred tasks of the various Churches is to find and re-train these new incarnations to pick up their duties once more. The ‘gaps’ in the presence of Deva often coincide with declines in civilization, as the great guiding mentors presence is removed.

Deva who commit evil acts are cursed to reincarnate as a terrible demon, a Rakshasa.


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